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WPC Wall Board

Nowadays many people use the composite wall board to decorate the house. It's the structure of the house made up of wall and board. The wall is used to stand and the separation of the rooms, which is the most use and economic in the living buildings. The composite wall board use mostly in living, apartment, office, school and so on.
On the different usage, the composite wall board have two usage, which are interior panel and exterior panel. The interior panel has three kinds, which are cross wall panel, Longitudinal panel, and partition board. All of them can sound insulation and fire proof. The exterior panel can save energy, adiabatic, anti-permeability, Freezing-thawing resisting, Anti carbonation which can meet the constructions decoration and good-looking needs.

WPC wall board features

First facticity--wpc wall board has the features of natural out looks,grace,unique ,and also has the woodiness feeling&grain as nature wood. It takes you the feeling of returning back to the nature.

Second security--wpc wall board can be used under water very long time,very high rigidity and strong impact resistance,and will not cracks. So it suitable no matter the hot climate or cold climate.

Third wide using range --wpc wall board is suitable for living room,wineshop,entertainment venues,bath field,office,kitchen room,wash room,school,hospital,spot room,market,study room and so on.

Forth convenience--wpc wall board can be cut,plane,saw,nail,paint,connect by your own idea.Its installation is very simple,will save your time and energy.