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WPC Deck

Wood plastic deck team of professional estimators has the product knowledge and good old-fashion "know how" to meet with potential customers for face-to-face personal estimates before every job. Our estimators are the most knowledgeable around regarding almost every type of wood plastic deck from design & construction, to aesthetics & functionality. We provide free local estimates and the highest levels of customer service, quality construction, and professional integrity through every phase of your project no matter how big or how small. We want to be your fence and guardrail contractor.

Wood plastic deck features

1. taste, comfort, environmental protection, leading new fashion decorative materials;
2. excellent corrosion resistance, waterproof, crack, mildew, fire, insect and stain resistant properties;
3. low-carbon environment. No benzene substances, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO class standards, environmental standards for the European classification;
4. significant savings can be recycled use of wood for sustainable development policy;
5. No painting. Easy to maintain, easy to clean, repair and maintenance costs savings late;
6. noise insulation, abrasion resistance, durable service life is 3-5 times of ordinary wood products;
7. has nails, planing, sawing, drilling performance, can be adapted to different specifications of the hardware accessories;
8. plasticity, simple installation, convenient construction, saving installation time and cost.